Head & Shoulders

Who cares about anti-dandruff shampoo? No one – up until one of the best athletes of all time in Sweden, Henke Lundqvist, became the face (and hair) for Head & Shoulders.

Head & Shoulders have, together with Henke, not only changed the perception of its brand, but also the perception of the whole category, as anti-dandruff shampoo nowadays isn’t something you’re ashamed to use. A long-term and humoristic story, based on Henke’s exceptional love for the brand, have permeated all communications of the last couple of years, which include tv commercials, a podcast series, press conferences, guest appearances in other brand’s commercials, clothing collections, limited shampoo bottles, sponsorships, fan meetings, and much more.

All of these pr driven campaigns and activities have led to Head & Shoulders strengthening its position as Sweden’s most bought shampoo and that the marketing shares now are one of the highest in Europe.