A Magical Machine

Stockholm Exergi

Stockholm Exergi is constructing a state-of-the-art facility for bioenergy with carbon capture and storage, and they want to spread the word to Stockholmers. But how do you create excitement for something that won’t be finished for another three years?

To make the campaign relevant to Stockholmers, we needed to visualize the upcoming facility and place it in a local context geographically. Additionally, given the extremely complex nature of the technology, we had to find a way to simplify it and make it easy to understand. However, there is a general weariness of climate messages in the general public, often referred to as climate fatigue. In order to cut through the noise, we needed to make our campaign fun and different.

Meet the Makalös Manick (roughly translated Magical Machine)! We skipped the technical jargon and let a beloved Swedish 80s classic narrate the project in our 360-campaign. Stockholmers were invited into Professor Erik Dahlén’s vibrant imagination, where the magnificent facility is already up and running. Just imagine that!